• Image of 2019 Calendar Artist Proofs & Unsold Copies

Now that I’ve given my friends copies and taken care of any that got lost in the mail, etc I’m selling my Artist Proof & safety copies of my 2019 calendar.
(See Original product listings for more pictures)
-2019 Calendar

-3 editions of 100 (all sold out)
-10 artist proofs of edition 2 & 3
- 5 unsold copies of numbered Edition 1

-Different Front & Back Covers for each Edition

- Alternate images for the Month of Oct

-Fourteen 8”x10 sheets

-1/8” hole drilled at top of sheet for easy hanging

-A few of these are imperfect but that’s why they were proofs!

-Designed to be easily trimmed into frame-able prints after each month passes!

-Margins on the side are perfect for notes about important dates

-Inside Cover has Gold/Silver foil sticker and is signed

- ships in flat rate priority envelope with cardboard protection.